Follow Your Child's Learning

'In the moment' and the 'Focus Child' approach

We have an 'In The Moment' planning and teaching ethos based on the work of Anna Ephgrave. It is important that the children have uninterrupted play and our workshop style environment facilitates this. Our experienced staff will get to know the children really well and will use this knowledge to take the 'learning' to the child rather that withdrawing them from their in-depth play.

Children will have a week each term where they will be a particular focus. The staff will have quality interactions where they can scaffold, model, extend, introduce vocabulary and build on next steps all 'In The Moment'. The following week, parents are invited to discuss their child's development and to work with the Nursery team to support each child's learning both in Nursery and at home. 

Tapestry Learning Journal

We use an online Learning journey secure service called 'Tapestry'. We use this to share your child's learning with you, each week your child will have an entry published. Parents can access published observations throughout the year and will be able to download a complete journey through Nursery at the end of the year. We actively encourage parents to upload photos of significant moments too.

Famly is coming to Hedgehog Nursery!

This new platform will be replacing Tapestry from September 2023. 

We are currently trailing it with some of our families during summer 2